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Residential Well Drilling

Our Residential Water Well Services

Don’t let your water issues drag you down.  We have decades upon decades of experience, and we can get your water flowing again.  We can bail a well, clean a well, or drill a well.  We have the experience and solutions you need! Lyons Well Drilling provides quality residential water well drilling services for residential customers in and around Mid-Michigan and SE Michigan. 


Full Well Drilling & Water Well Services

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a residential property, but aren’t sure if there’s an adequate water supply, or have already purchased the property and need to get started with the well drilling process, Lyons Well Drilling can help. After a few simple steps, you can have a quality supply of water in your home.

Free Consultation

First, we'll provide a complimentary consultation to determine the best place for a well, if any. While deciding on the best size and location for the well, we work closely with our customers to determine their present and future needs, including how many bathrooms will be in the home, whether a sprinkler system might be installed, etc.

Well Drilling

After determining the customer's needs, the well is drilled by one of our experienced well drillers. With more than 60 years of well-drilling experience and knowledge of the most modern drilling techniques, you can rest assured that your well will provide an ample water supply for your household.


The next step is to test pump the well to determine how many gallons of water it is capable of producing. The average residential well typically produces 4-10 gallons of water per minute, but wells producing one gallon of water per minute might be enough to meet your needs.

System Design

Every family's needs are different, so we'll help you decide on the right equipment for your individual water requirements. A system that is too small won't give you the full benefit of your water supply, while a system that's too large will add to your overall costs without increasing your pumping efficiency. We combine our experience in installing modern water systems with stainless steel submersible pumps and high-quality pressure tanks to ensure your access to the best possible water supply.

Ongoing Maintenance

Our goal is to install equipment that is worry-free so that you can concentrate on more important manners. All of our installed materials and equipment are covered under a manufacturer's warranty, and new installations come with a standard one-year warranty on the service. With that being said, we will still be here to take care of everything from routine maintenance of your equipment to emergency repair in the case of interruption to your water supply.

Call Now For Well Repair

At Lyons Well Drilling, we strive to provide our customers with the best quality drinking water and will continue to maintain the new well after the installation. Our maintenance services include chlorination, testing, inspection, and more.

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